Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One Sad Mama

My baby turned one on November 30
I miss her baby smell
And her cuddling
And when she used to stay in one place
And my cabinets weren't constantly re-organized
I enjoyed every minute of her first year. (Except for when she cried every day for 4, or more! hours) 
It's sad that we won't have a baby at our house anymore. But it's so fun to see who she is turning in to!
We've all had so much fun getting to know our Syd the kid
Love you baby Sydders!


The Booher's said...

oh she is just precious! I think she still smells like a baby compared to mine!

Rebecca said...

I love that family picture! And that adorable, beautiful Sydney! I need that pictue of her at the wheel. She is so cute!!!! Thanks for posting and I understand how you feel with last baby growing up.........

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