Friday, May 23, 2008

Tucson Idol '08

On May 30th Corbin Allred and Kirby Heyborne are putting on a concert at Catalina Highshcool in Tucson, at 7pm. I have to say I had no idea who they were- but I have found out they are famous for doing lots of LDS movies, and TV shows as well. Have you heard of them?

Anyway before the concert, they are doing a Tucson Idol '08 and I was asked to participate. I think they have asked 8-10 people total. I am going to sing "I will Be There For You," by Jessica Andrews- and I am FREAKED! They say they will sell out and there will be about 500 people. I have sung a lot, I have some experience, but not for this kind of thing! I sing mostly for church functions. And man is my voice OUT OF SHAPE! It sounded like fun, and I have no hopes of winning- I only want to get up there and not make a fool out of myself! The prize is that you get to sing with these guys, but I am not at all familiar with their music.

So... if you live close, get your tickets and come and cheer for me! I need some support there even if I totally stink! My Dad will also be performing a song he wrote called "Battle Cry".You can buy tickets on Kirby Heyborne's site or at Latter Day Cottage. Wish me Luck! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Surf

Every year, for the past couple years, our family goes to a water park in Phoenix called Big Surf. We get to go usually a couple days before it opens for the season, and we get the whole park to ourselves! Why you ask? Because my brother and sister in law have connections! :)They crank up the waves and all the guys (and some of the girls) surf! Its great fun!

All the grandkids with Grandma- minus one who snuck off



Is that Matt? Surfing

The two troublemakers, Remy and Samantha


A couple weeks ago, Ashley was in her first dance recital! She did GREAT and she was definitely the cutest one on that stage! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Edited to add some newborn pics that I finally got scanned in!

Taylor turned 4 years old yesterday! We had a Power Ranger birthday party at the park, went bowling and out to dinner. I can't believe he's 4! Here are some pics of our Taylor.